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Face Mask
Face Mask is mainly designed to protect the wearer from inhaling airborne bacteria or virus and dust particles, which provides better protection due to their material, shape and tight seal. This is preferred for its high protection from bacteria and virus. removes dust and dirt, as well as keeps you healthy.
Coronavirus Face Mask
Coronavirus Face Mask protects the wearer from sprays, splashes, and large-particle droplets and also prevent the transmission of potentially infectious respiratory secretions from the wearer to others. This mask is disposable, loose-fitting face masks that cover your nose, mouth, and chin. The top of the mask contains a metal strip that can be formed to your nose.
Face Shield
Face Shield offered to our customers is a personal protective equipment that is used by many workers like medical, dental, veterinary for the protection of the facial area from splashes, sprays, and spatter of body fluids. This shield protects the whole facial area and keeps you safe and healthy.